The founder of Suzlon Energy, popularly known as the wing man of India Tulsi Tanti passes away at 64 years of age due to cardiac arrest on Saturday.

Tanti understood the potential in the renewable sources of energy and introduced it in India in the year 1995 when, the wind energy business was dominated by the western companies. Later , Suzlon energy acquired several companies based in abroad hence, making him one of the Pioneers of Wind Energy.

Suzlon energy produce 19.4 gigawatt (GW) of installed capacity out of which 2 GW installed capacity is from U.S.

Before getting into the green energy business, Tanti along with his siblings had started a textile business in 1987 named Suzlon Synthetics.

Upon realizing the potentials of the energy generated through wind which he had set up to run his unit, he thought that it has more scope than that of his then current business.

The country recognised the rise in the energy produced through wind in a decade after implementing it, which led the government to announce the tax break for wind energy sector.

The sudden demise of Tulsi Tanti may have ended his life journey but, the path he created for wind energy production will continue through Suzlon energy.

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