Visa gives an invitation to the startups of India for the Visa Accelerator Program 2023.

The Visa Accelerator Program, now in its third year, picks a small group of companies from all around the Asia Pacific to work together on some of the most urgent issues facing the payments sector. According to a Visa statement, the 2023 initiative will concentrate on creating solutions for Web 3.0, international money transfer, embedded finance, merchant and small business enablers, and open banking solutions.

“We send invites to the business for the third cohort we have great hopes for continuing the program’s current speed because we have seen some of the greatest ideas from Indian entrepreneurs who have participated in the preceding cohorts and co-developed the best solutions.”. said Sandeep Ghosh, General Country Manager, of Visa, in India and South Asia.

The Visa Accelerator Program, which was introduced in 2019, has reportedly helped some of Asia Pacific’s most well-known firms expand. The five startups from the 2022 cohort collaborated with the Visa product and business development teams to bring their ideas to reality and grow their companies into new markets around the region. They then presented their proofs-of-concept at the Visa Accelerator Spotlight event.

Startups Signed 9 Business Transactions Between 2021 to 2022

Nine business MoU were signed by startups from the 2021 and 2022 cohorts with clients and partners of Visa in Asia Pacific. Additionally, in order to highlight the contribution that startups may make to the wider payments sector, Visa has engaged in six cooperation and business agreements with chosen firms. DigitSecure and Open, both from India, were chosen for the program’s first cohort, while Perfios was a member of the second batch.

Visa Is Now Partner With Plug & Play:

Visa announced partnership with Plug & Play, an innovation platform to get access to the finest of the Asia Pacific startup world. For the Visa Accelerator Program 2023, “Plug & Play will be a major strategic partner and will curate access to developing fintech-focused businesses.

The Company Background

The corporate headquarters of the American financial services giant Visa is in San Francisco, California. It enables electronic money transfers all across the world, most frequently via prepaid, credit, and debit cards bearing the Visa name.

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