Falca, a platform for agricultural technologies, has secured over $3 million in a pre-Series A round headed by Inflection Point Ventures including a combination of both loan and equity investment. Along with other VC firms, Lets Venture and Mumbai Angels contributed in the investment round too.

The newly raised funds as per FALCA, will be used to “extend services outside current geographies, hire expertise for expansion, and concentrate on constructing the platform’s technological infrastructure.”

The Agritech Rural Supply Chain Platform provides services including quality and original inputs to take advantage of renting out machinery, market linkages, storage solutions, consultancy, and technology to increase farm production to small and marginal farmers as agricultural solutions.

Falca said that it is presently assisting a millions of farmers, at various phases from choosing the best fertilizer for the biggest yield to doing soil tests.

The Founder and CEO of Inflection Point Ventures, Vinay Bansal, stated that “Agriculture is undoubtedly the largest provider of livelihood in India. However, it is accompanied by multiple challenges that will undoubtedly take much longer time to solve considering a large area to meet its needs. Organizations and government agencies are working from In order to help farmers increase their income and reduce the cost of farming. This has emerged as a major market opportunity for start-ups in the field of agricultural technology. Besides its virtual support, the company now has an offline ‘Falca Rural Service Points’ presence with 30 centers. The IPV aims to further support the farming community with Falca.”

Government and non-governmental organizations are attempting to assist farmers in raising their incomes and lowering the cost of farming. This has grown to be a significant business potential for agricultural technology start-ups.

The firm now has an offline “Falca Rural Service Points” presence with 30 facilities in addition to its virtual assistance, he continued. With Falca, the IPV hopes to assist the farming community even more.

Additionally, the website offers free analytical assistance to farmers, including information on the weather, supply and demand imbalances, market pricing, and the best times to harvest. Agricultural businesses can use the platform to list their goods and commodities.

.”We work directly with farmers and provide them with end-to-end agricultural solutions through our technology-based Physical platform,” Santosh Danigodar, Founder and CEO of FALCA, stated. Our rural presence and technological infrastructure link smallholder farmers to the end markets, high-quality inputs, product marketing, equipment rentals, and consulting services for agriculture and storage.

Danigodar stated that they are now facilitating transactions of Rs 1,400 million by collaborating with more than a million farmers, more than sixty input manufacturers, and more than 65 purchasing firms.

Company Background
An agricultural technology business called FALCA provides farming solutions using a mixed digital and physical architecture.

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