Bengaluru/RedNewswire: The app based Cab & Bike aggregators have received a legal notice from the Karnataka State Transport Department, to stop the auto Services in 3 days as dated on October 7th, 2022.

According to the On-demand Transportation Technology Act 2016, the Department termed it “illegal” to provide auto services by these companies.

Since, due to the state government’s accord, these companies are provided licenses only to run taxis and not autos.

As the passengers have filed a complaint to the state government which states that, these companies charge Rs. 100 as the base fare.

The fare includes a convenience charge of Rs. 45 and 5% GST, which makes up to the amount mentioned of Rs. 100, covering just 4 kilometers radius.

The minimum fare fixed for auto rides are Rs. 30 for 2Km and Rs. 15 is added for each kilometer over the fixed minimum fare.

The notice was welcomed by the President of Drivers & Owners Association of Ola & Uber, Tanveer Pasha and the Karnataka State Auto and Taxi Federation, agreed to the decision taken by the state government.

The Rapido app representative also gave a positive response to the state Government while saying that, ” in no way intending to fight against the law. we will be responding to the government in 3 days and work in accordance with what the transport authorities say to us”

The Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union has planned to launch a new app with Beckn Foundation called Namma Yatri App on 1st of November 2022.

They will charge govt. fixed charge with Rs. 10 in addition of picking charges, which makes to Rs. 40 as a base fare for 2 km radius.

The State Government has imposed the ban on auto services of all Ola, Uber and Rapido and directed the aggregators to comply with the same within 3 days by stopping the services.

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