The Adani Group is all set to launch its Super App.

As the market is growing day by day, the competition between the two giants, Reliance and Tata is at its peak. Adani group has started a new division to fulfill the ambitions of its super app and disrupt the competition. PhonePe, Paytm and GooglePay also offer similar services through their app.

Adani Group and its Market cap

The Ahmedabad-based group is a whole giant in itself. Adani group has a market cap of around $225.18 Bn. It comprises around 7 sectors in its portfolio which are publicly traded companies. It includes Adani airport, Adani total gas, Adani electricity, Adani Wilmar and Adani airport.

Adani group has around 400M consumers which are attached to the products and services of the conglomerate. The group offers services like gas, airports, financial services and others.

The Super app is not a recent announcement. The conglomerate announced the launch of its super app in August last year. The group also said about unifying digital transactions through a digital platform.

Rivals and The Super App

There’s already a tough rivalry between the two giants. The entrance of Adani into the digital sector attracts the rivalry of the giants in the sector. Tata, Reliance and Adani group all want to grab this opportunity of the tech boom and growing app culture. This will provide the mesmerizing digital experience of the services to its consumers through the super-app.

Gautam Adani about mentioned the extra efforts of the organization to create the super app after the app’s mockup in July 2021. He also talked about the $30 trillion economy of India till 2050.

Currently, there are over 400 employees at Adani Digital Labs. Adani Group created a new division named as Adani Digital Labs to deal with the digital sector and to reach heights in the digital sector.

India is literally in a race of rapid growth. With a boom in the digital sector, India has been leading in providing exceptional services. Along with the digital boom, India has also been witnessing the rise of unicorns. 

Currently, Tata’s Neu app and Reliance’s My Jio app are the most popular super apps.

Featured Image Credit : Adani Digital Labs

Apurv Panigrahi