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Zana, the site for Entrepreneurial education now acquired by


Zana, the site for Entrepreneurial education now acquired by

Mumbai, India | Red Newswire | Jan 17, 2016 Last Updated at  9:00 PM IST. has been an aggressive acquirer these days and has acquired and Zirtual to provide connected services to the entrepreneurs.

It has now acquired Zana, a site for educating entrepreneurs. The deal was both cash and stock. However, the amount has not been disclosed.

Shea Tate-DiDonna who created True University Programme, founded Zana. The site covers topics like product development, fundraising and video lessons from Matt Mullenweg and Steve Blank. believe Zana will serve as a unified content hub for all its services including stories from Killerstartups. Around 1 million startups are already registered on the platform. Schroter said, “Our startups are dying for education.”

Schroter also mentioned that most of the video lessons from Zana appeal to a broader group of entrepreneurs and they’ll further enhance the video tutorials.

This is’s 5th acquisition in succession in last 18 months. Schroter is looking for some more to acquire. He said, “One of the downsides of everybody funding the unicorns at crazy valuations is that the just okay companies, companies doing a few million dollars in revenue, aren’t getting a lot of love right now. There are good, interesting companies that are all getting basically ignored.”

Source: Inc42