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YouTube launches a Kids version of its app, available on Android and iOS


Google has developed a new YouTube Kids app that contains interesting content for kids and comes with parental control features

New Delhi-Nov 10, 2016. Rednewswire/-

A few days ahead to Children’s Day, Google has introduced a kids version of the YouTube app. The app is named YouTube Kids which makes it easier for children and their parents to search for videos on many topics related to kids. The new YouTube Kids app is currently available on Android and iOS, downloadable in the respective app store of the devices.

The app makes various videos available for children including Chu Chu Tv and Little Krishna. It also consists of larger images and allow easy navigation for kids to operate it easily. The app also has a voice search function which will enable kids to search videos by spelling out the keyword.

YouTube Kids will be regularly updated with fresh videos and new programs from famous Indian Youtubers. This will includes a new season of ‘Cat & Keet’, Hindi version of The Gummy Bear song, Appu-The Yogic Elephant and Kid Tv. Besides, children can also search for other shows they are interested in. The app also has some parental control facilites enabling them to monitor what their kids watch. The search setting enables parents to mention what all content they want their kids to watch.

The app is already available in 20 countries. It comes with a built-in timer that limits the screen timing for children. Once it is activated, it will notify children when their viewing time is up. The new app also comes with a passcode feature to lock settings and parental controls.

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