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YouTube has built a brand new app “Youtube Go” with innovative new features


YouTube Go users can share and send videos to other YouTube Go users without consuming data

Bengaluru – Sept 28, 2016. RedNewswire/-

YouTube has developed a new app YouTube Go – a video-streaming mobile platform designed to be “offline-first”. T he app  is faster, more relevant, and more affordable, with innovative new features.

In 2014, YouTube has launched YouTube offline which helped users to watch videos without  suffering from buffering.

A few months ago, YouTube rolled out a new feature called Smart offline which allows users to schedule videos offline after peak hours  at night and next morning the videos will be ready for users to watch offline on the go without buffering.

According to its blog, YouTube has built a new app YouTube Go keeping four concepts in mind :-

  1.  YouTube Go is relatable with video recommendations and a user interface that is made for users.
  2. It is cost-effective, provides transparency and helps in reducing data usage.
  3. The platform is designed to be offline-first, works even no connectivity or low connectivity.
  4. It’s a social experience, helps users connect with people and the content they care about.

YouTube Go gives you some of the best innovative features like – Preview videos before you watch , users can tap on a video’s thumbnail and trigger a short preview before choosing to stream or save the video. Each video thumbnail also displays the size of the videos.

It also has features such as the ability to find and discover related videos such as trending videos in the user’s region. It also let you share videos to your friends nearby without using any data.

You can sign up at to find out when the app launches.