A young low income cook becomes a coder and earns 7 times more


Akash Nautiyal, 17 years old guy, made Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 a month as a cook .Now, makes up to Rs 70,000 a month as a coder with a fitness app

Aug 8th,2016.RedNewswire/-

In 2014, Akash Nautiyal was victimized – he lost everything cash, portable PC, books, garments, and since he didn’t have money to get to the call focus he worked at, he lost his occupation.

His landowner expelled him, and Nautiyal, then at age 17, took up a vocation as a cook for the founders of Housing.com. And that is the point at which the kid from Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand got intrigued by coding.

Nautiyal saw them slouched over their PCs coding throughout the day and got some information about it. “Working there I got fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Java and could make a website page. Later, with the assistance of internet learning assets, I learnt increasingly and now I’m filling in as an iOS coder with Impactrun, a wellness application that supports social causes,” he says.

He now gains up to Rs 70,000 a month as a coder, a noteworthy change on the Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 he used to acquire a month doing odd employments prior.

anuj nirmal
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Anuj Nirmal, 15 year old guy, does not have his own computer but learns coding online while working at a cyber cafe.He is the son of a laundryman who iron clothes in a chawl in Goregaon,Mumbai.

He is very determined to be a coder but as his family has financial crisis he work at a cyber cafe where he also learns to code. His owner allows him to study at the cafe as well.

Anuj says”I taught myself HTML & CSS and now i am learning Java from codeacademy.com. Anuj dream is to set up his own company that deals with designing app,websites ans machines.He is also interested in robotics and a fan of Ironman ans desires to build a robot like Jarvis.

Francesco Stasi,an Italian national, heads india operations for CodersTrust – a learn & earn platform for freelancers.He says “Coding doesn’t need formal education, anyone can learn it.this platform makes students from poor background to complete their formal education.”

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