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Xiaomi might be working on a bendable touchscreen phone

Xiaomi might be working on a bendable touchscreen phone

A video leaked online shows off Xiaomi’s bendable touchscreen phone. However, it may or may not be legit.

New Delhi- Oct 19, 2016. Rednewswire/-

While companies like Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Xiaomi are all putting their best efforts in creating a bendable smartphone, Xiaomi seems have taken the lead. There are some prototypes and a video which reveal the fact. A 30 second video on the internet has unveiled Xiaomi’s first bendable touch-screen smartphone. While the phone was not shown being bend in different directions but seemed to be bent in the user’s hand and responded to touch.

The smartphone seems to be running on Xiaomi’s MIU software. Although, it is not ensured whether the news is accurate or not. While many companies are working on such flexible phones, surprisingly the consumers have not seen any such products hit the market. There can be many reasons behind this, the biggest problems companies face in manufacturing such products is the high cost of manufacturing. There are also chances that the phones may damage due to repeated bending. Moreover, not just the phone body its internal parts like battery and other components also need to be this flexible.

OLED is looked upon as the way out to create bendable phones. Both Samsung and Lenovo are working hard to design and manufacture such phones. Lenovo has already projected its design at IFA, 2016 while Samsung is known to have filed a patent for flexible phone. Apart from this, Xiaomi is also reported to be working on other products like Mi Notebook Air and Android TV.

The video has been uploaded by famous Chinese search engine called Baidu. Though there are chances that the video might not be authentic and can be photoshopped but it did give us some hopes.

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