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‘Woffr’ to offer unified and easy shopping experience


‘Woffr’ to offer unified and easy shopping experience

Kolkata, India | Red Newswire | Jan 10, 2016 Last Updated at 9:00 AM IST.

‘Woffr’ to offer unified and easy shopping experience

Shopping is sure easier when all deals and offers can be seen and judged under one roof. Well now we have a startup ‘Woffr’ which offers solution to the problem. The Gurgaon-based startup provides an offline to online mobile solution.

Founded by Puneet Agrawal, the startup originated from his own personal experience. He says, “Woffr is not another deal or offer portal, but a unified platform to inform users about relevant offers at the time of their need, based on their location, user profile, shopping intent and payment cards. We receive several promotional deals and offers on a daily basis using communication channels such as SMS or emails. Most of the time, these alerts are treated as spam as they are not relevant at that point of time. But when we actually need them, we hardly recall these communications and end up losing out on the benefits of these offers. At the same time, merchants and banks are struggling to communicate users about these offerings at the right time. Woffr, with its innovative solution bridges this gap by leveraging mobile technology.”

The startup targets banks and merchants struggling to reach more customers when they need to decide what to buy. Further the app will help in bridging the gap between users and local stores who do not have effective marketing tools.

Presently Woffr is available for Android only, but the company says it will launch its iOS app very soon.

Source: ET Bureau

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