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Why Renting Furniture Has Become the Need of The Day


With the world becoming a smaller place and the constantly growing need for relocations, well-furnished spaces have become something of a hassle. No matter if it’s a cozy apartment you’re planning to shift into, or some office space that needs a complete makeover, the furniture is definitely going to play a pivotal role. 

To rent or not to rent 

There are innumerable reservations that people have when it comes to renting furniture. In case you are moving to a completely non-furnished space, renting the furniture would cost you something around 10 to 15K on a monthly basis. Although this sounds a lot to people, what they tend to ignore is that this amount is merely a fraction of what they’d have to invest when making a purchase. 

Also, another major point of distinction is the depreciating value of the furniture. Even if you take superb care of your items, they are subject to wear & tear, which in turn would depreciate its overall value. So even if you think that it is a one-time investment, it isn’t yielding any returns. Let’s say, a recliner sofa on rent can be cost-efficient. 

A lot of people worry about the quality of the furniture that they are supposed to rent. Right from thoughts around furniture being used by someone else earlier, or of being unsure about the quality, everything can be easily addressed. In case, if you don’t like anything at the time of delivery, you are free to the return, exchange & upgrade options. 

Moreover, if you are someone who has been sent to place like Bengaluru for an IT project that wouldn’t last a lifetime, renting furniture can surely be a great option. You can keep using your furniture for the time you want & return it back when done. Also, in scenarios when you are redecorating spaces and don’t know what will actually work for you, renting out items will serve the need. You can keep trying new things, like an L shaped sofa for rent, use them for a while and return if you are not happy. 


If you are looking for fancy furniture that wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket, simply rent your furniture in Bengaluru. Starting from prices as low as ₹100 for a laptop stand, renting furniture is way more viable. Renting the furniture definitely makes financial sense. 


Buying furniture can be gruesome and tiring as you won’t just need to arrange large amount of money, but it will add a wholesome amount of stress as well. Moreover, if you don’t like what you bought in a few days, you’d have to use it anyways considering the investment. In contrast to this, you can choose to rent from the wide variety available to rent furniture and return it whenever you want. 


As a fact, we tend to get bored with things frequently & furniture is no different. Starting from simply a few weeks based plans to long term renting options, you think of the kind of flexibility you expect & you will have it. Moreover, when renting the furniture, you get a lot of offers & schemes to upgrade to new furniture, return items, etc. This kind of flexibility will never be available when you make an outright purchase. 

Perfect for the need of a millennial 

In an era where people are ablaze for staying at the same place for a long time, it’s pointless living with the same furniture forever. For all the millennials who, sometimes, tend to be low on budget, yet high on life & standard of living always, renting the furniture is the aptest thing. 

To wrap up — instead of purchasing every piece of the furniture that you might need, why not rent furniture online? There actually is a lot of rationales still building up around why you should consider renting furniture for your home or office, instead of simply going forward with a purchase.