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Why do a Press Release with Red Newswire ?

Business growth & Brand awareness with perfect search engine visibility is one of the key factors to your business success.

Put yourself into the scenario, where you want to publish your startup news to all the major media channel websites. What’s the next thing you do then ? You make attempts to contact each & every news channels through email & phone. Due to high volume of news they receive, most of the times they do not respond to your mails or calls. Okay, so if they respond, do all of them respond at the same time ? No.

There are top 200 major news portals in India. So, if you get their acceptance to publish your news, you need to submit a new write-up each time to each news portal as their response times are different.

Would it be possible for you to write a new article for each of them (say 200 channels) ? Or say 50 or 100,200 versions of the same news re-written in different words ? Even if you do so, imagine how much time would it consume. We trust your time is to precious and you must put your time into growth of your business, increasing productivity & effectiveness or may be gain some more meetings or chat with potentials clients instead of writing 200 versions of just one damn  story! We exist to solve that problem.

Moreover, because they do not want to get blacklisted by search engines for publishing already published stories verbatim. In case they publish an already published story, they would use the “no follow” link when publishing your news, which means your news will not get indexed by Google & hence no visibility in Google search or Google News.

Red Newswire publishes your story simultaneously on multiple news channels, even before Google gets to know where it was published first & ethically. We stay away from unethical means of publishing & promotions.

Red Newswire is one spot where you submit your story, business news, product or service launch coverage and BOOM ! You’re done.. Red Newswire submits & publishes your news simultaneously, exactly at the same date & time, hence you need to have a single write-up each time.

As the news is published simultaneously on all the portals as may be under a package subscribed by you, the search engines do not consider it as a copy of the other. Hence free from plagiarism.

We then publish it to over 200 media channels in India and over 5000 channels across the globe. Our distribution network includes top news portals in India, US, UK, Middle East and elsewhere.

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