2. Define what differentiates you. At its core, Dash Radio is a platform for listening to music online, just like hundreds of others out there already. When we created Dash, we made sure to include elements that would set it apart: it’s curated by trusted sources, not machines; it’s not snobby or too-cool-for-school; it’s not owned by a gigantic corporation with obligations to major labels and doesn’t have any ulterior motives or goals. We believe there’s a huge audience out there for people who just want to discover great music without feeling lame for not loving some obscure Shoreditch grime act’s new side project.

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3. Keep moving forward-and know when to pivot. The worst thing you can do is simply throw in the towel and shuffle back to the cubicle with your tail between your legs. Maybe you need to pivot and rethink your concept, and that’s fine.

Chances are you don’t remember Odeo, a podcast app that faced near-certain death when Apple announced it was including a podcasting platform in the iPod. Rather than give up, Odeo’s team began brainstorming and holding hackathons to see what they could come up with, and eventually an idea began to take shape. Odeo pivoted into a little product called Twitter, and the rest is 140 characters of history.

Look, watching others claim your great idea is their invention is never fun. But keep in mind that it can be a blessing in disguise, and more importantly, don’t give up. Everything always works itself out in the end.