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Meet ShopBot, a Facebook Messenger bot that allows you to find the best deals on eBay


Online shopping is going to become easier than ever, thanks to a brand new Facebook Messenger bot called ShopBot

18th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Ever since Facebook launched its amazing Messenger Bot API, we’ve seen countless bots come out. Several of these are high-efficiency bots that have been developed by major tech giants to enhance your experience with their services. The latest to join this circle in eBay with a brand new bot called ShopBot, which is basically a “smart personal shopping assistant” that helps consumers find the best deals out there.

The bot is currently available in beta and will allow shoppers to do photo searches or use natural language to find stuff they want. Just speak to the bot and it will trigger follow-up questions that will allow you to find exactly what you want.

eBay has been crawling its way into the artificial realm for a while now. Earlier, we saw the company announce that it was buyingIsraeli computer-vision company Corrigon. The main aim behind this acquisition would be to automate the process of classifying and organizing product photos, rather than relying on human accuracy. Machine-learning startup ExpertMaker and predictive analytics company SalesPredict were also brought under the eBay umbrella.

“Our vision is to make shopping with eBay as easy as talking to a friend, whether you are looking for something specific or just browsing for inspiration,”

explained eBay’s chief product officer, RJ Pittman.

“[…] The science of A.I. provides contextual understanding, predictive modeling, and machine learning abilities. Combining A.I. with eBay’s breadth of inventory and unique selection will enable us to create a radically better and more personal shopping experience for virtually anyone that owns a mobile phone.”

Picture credit: VentureBeat