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Waterless car cleaning startup “Robovac” has raised $450K angel funding, merges with Enzo Solutions


Robovac merges with Enzo Solutions to create a new entity RobovacEnzo

Ahmedabad-based Robovac is a car interior vacuum cleaning service provider which has merged with Enzo solutions to create a new entity called RobovacEnzo, and received $450k angel funding.

Robovac has a presence at 49 outlets across Gujrat in partnership with Indian Oil Corporation. It has built and designed a portable industrial strength commercial vacuum cleaner.It is a 4.2 Hp Vacuum, with a 55 litre storage tank, that completes interior cleaning in around eight minutes.

Enzo Solutions offers waterless at-home car cleaning services in cities including Chennai, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. It uses a patented product for clearing and waxing solutions.

The new entity RobovacEnzo will be run by Robovac founder Mohit Shah and Enzo Solutions founder Rahul Gonsalves. The representatives of  angel investors will join the management as Directors.

RobovacEnzo will use the funds to expand its presence in the country through partnerships with public sector undertakings to offer franchises and licences on a pan-India basis. Also plans to distribute at-home subscription services and service centres in new construction projects.

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Virendra Patel, chairman of Popular Group and angel investor in RobovacEnzo, said..

“This is one of the largest untouched spaces and the business models created by RobovacEnzo can cater to both the markets, households as well as commercial, creating high returns.”

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