Viral Today: Woman defying Neo-Nazis in Sweden


Viral Today: Woman defying Neo-Nazis in Sweden

Viral Today: Woman defying Neo-Nazis in Sweden
Image: David Lagerlof/Expo

Sweden | Red Newswire | May 08 07:35 PM IST.

Recently a photograph of a woman holding her fist high defying a neo-Nazi march has gone viral. The march took place in Sweden. Tess Asplund, the woman in the above photo is an activist. She received much praise for her participation in a demonstration against an NRM (Nordic Resistance Movement) rally held in Borlange.

J K Rowling, Harry Potter author praised her by calling her “magnificent”.

Image: Twitter - @jk_rowling

Ms. Asplund said she herself was shocked by the reaction she received. She said on Swedish P4 radio station that this was an impulse act against the neo-Nazi demonstration.

Around 300 people participated in the march. Some other participated in the counter – demonstration in clown costumes. The above photograph was taken by David Lagerlof and has went viral on social media and news websites all over the globe.

Asplund said that she didn’t want to be categorized as a symbol but it would be great if this picture would make people take a stand against racism.

Some tweets called her “amazing”, “hero”, “courage” and “unbelievable”. The tweet by J K Rowling got re-tweeted over 6,000 times and got 12,000 likes.

Recently the neo-Nazi movements have been rising in Sweden and other European countries because of migration issues. World’s third biggest political force is the anti – immigration Sweden Democrats Party. Sweden has always been welcoming to refugees but, have been introducing tighter border controls recently to curb the inflow.

For migrants, Germany and Sweden are two main entry points to enter Europe. Sweden has been experiencing increased tension as a result of arson attacks aimed at asylum centers.