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Veteran actor Kader Khan falls prey to death hoax: rumored to be dead, is actually alive


Now this is really something shocking! Veteran actor-writer Kader Khan, who is quite hale and hearty in spite of his age-related health issues has fallen prey to the death hoax.

April 9, 2016 10:37 PM IST.

The online platform had for quite some time been buzzing that the 78-year-old actor is no more. However, it has been reported that the buzz around Kader Khan’s death was a mere rumour and nothing else. Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi famed director Fauzia Arshi stated that Kader Khan is very much alive and that he had spoken to the actor a few days back. The filmmaker has requested the social networking handles to put an end to such disturbing rumours.

The Coolie No.1 famed artist who faces issues with speech and walking is under constant medical surveillance at his Mumbai abode. The actor was last seen in Fauzia Arshi’s 2015 comedy flick Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi. It’s not that the actor has suffered this death hoax recently. In February 2013, the actor was declared dead by some rumour mongers. Even a separate Facebook page was created titled “RIP Kader Khan.”

Kader Khan is not the first celeb in the list who has fallen prey to such a death hoax. The list contains other celebrated personalities like Dilip Kumar, Rajnikanth and the very recent Yo Yo Honey Singh. Legendary actor Dilip fell into the trap in 2011 when his health deteriorated. The online platforms started flooding with RIP messages about the veteran actor. However, later on, his wife Saira Bano put the rumours to rest by issuing a statement that the Devdas actor was doing completely fine. Even, actor Rajnikanth was not spared from such malicious news.

In 2011, his fake death reports went viral on the Twitter handle. Way back in 2014, false news about Hrithik Roshan’s demise started doing the rounds of social networking sites after the Deshdrohi actor KRK posted on the Twitter handle that Hrithik had died of AIDS in Scotland. Moreover, he had also added that the doctors were not able to save him. Well, who can forget about the death hoax of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who was rumoured to be killed in a car accident.

Source: Sirg / IndianExpress.