Cash Suvidha – an online platform that solves your financial worries


What if you could get a robust online platform where you could get your financial worries resolved?

Bengaluru – Nov 08, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Cashsuvidha, a leading Financial Company a trade name of Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., initiated by two highly experienced Import and finance market heroes provides a diversified product portfolio in the Finance sector. It is the platform that provides you loans at hassle free, quick processes to approve your financial needs.

With a vast experience of over 25 years in the Business and Financial Market, 15+ years of experience in the import of non – ferrous metal scrap, and an experience in the Real estate sector spanning decades, the Founder Mr. Rajesh Gupta directs the leads the company as a real leader.

 It is often remarked that a TEAM is people joining and creating wonders together. Mr. Anoop Garg, Co-Founder of Cashsuvidha has always been the consistent supporter of the enterprise. His dynamic experience of over 21 years in various capacities and domains has been a big plus for business’s functioning and operations. Similar to his Counterpart, Mr. Anoop also comes in with years of experience in the Real Estate and Importing of Non Ferrous Metal Scrap businesses.

cashsuvidha team
(Cash suvidha team)

Dreaming of touching zenith, the fantastic duo envisions to become India’s leading financial company. Marching on the purpose to overcome hurdles in the life of Entrepreneurs in India, they counter with challenges to float their bank loans, external factors like inflexible guarantee parameters, frustrating lending policies and lengthy disbursements affecting their credit appeals. The Digital Fintech platform enables the users to experience automated operation, hassle free operating, Fast approval and Quick Disbursal.

Their four-Step process to gain funds is fascinating. Just apply anytime, upload your documents and disbursal: loan amount disbursed within 72 hours. Cash Suvidha has an extensive range of Products- Entrepreneur Loan, Small Medium Enterprise Loan, and Invoice Finance. Their aid towards the segment of Women’s is appreciable and gives them an edge over others. The passionate team is also working on a technology through which Results can be obtained in real time (It includes Social Score, E-KYC, Human behavior & Credit Bureau CIBIL & Equifax.)

Their technological platform is very robust and comprehensive, but really solves the problems of paying visits to Banks and Financial institutions again and again. It is really the need of the hour and erodes the need of Paperwork and Physical documents.  Thus, their technology makes the entire process lucid and comforting on the part of Customers.

With new and innovative services under the hatchet, Cashsuvidha promises to be the next big thing in the world of Fintech. Their focus area currently lies in managing both the Urban and Rural credit requirements, thus benefiting the lower strata also. Their motive is to bridge the wide gap in the market and reach out to those who have no reach to banks & Financial Institutions.

Initiated just months before, they have served 3500+ clients. The testimonial and the services provided by them are the icing on the cake to get easy finance at affordable rates.Additionally improving the macroeconomic conditions, higher credit penetration, increased consumption and disruptive digital trends will allow Cashsuvidha to grow at a healthy rate over next five years.