Ubuntu Linux Is Coming To Windows 10 for the first time in tech history ever


Bengaluru | March 31, 2016 01:11 AM IST.

Canonical and Microsoft have decided to form an association, with the new idea of introducing Ubuntu in Windows 10 OS. The news is that, Ubuntu won’t be introduced as a new virtual machine running on Windows. Instead, it is going to run as a foundation on the existing, native Windows libraries.

Though many Linux command lines and Linux based tools can be made use of in Windows, by the means of installing the Linux-based environment for Windows, Cygwin; the main focus for this collaboration is more likely to be on the Command Line Interface tools that are already present in Ubuntu for Windows. In addition, Ubuntu will adopt its Unity interface. Reports say that this ally had been done mainly for developers and not for the general, desktop users. To prove the fact that it is mainly (or only?) for the developers, this new work is soon to be disclosed at Microsoft ‘BUILD’ developers’ conference, to be held between March 30- April 1st of this year in San Francisco, CA.

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Though this joint venture has been found to be a shock for general users, Canonical and Microsoft have been working together for quite a few years. They have been working on cloud and server together. Microsoft has also made use of Linux as a developer platform. Previously last year, Microsoft had released its Visual Studio application on Linux and had recently acquired Xamarin, Microsoft’s cross platform development software.

Still, more confirmation is yet to be revealed on what the actual release of the work is going to be. It may just be a few simple UNIX command line tools are made available for Microsoft’s command prompt or it may be an extended environment, to make certain Linux binaries that run natively on Windows.