Uber cuts fares in Chennai; hatchback ride to cost Rs 6 a km, and Rs 7 a km for sedan

Uber cuts fares in Chennai; hatchback ride to cost Rs 6 a km, and Rs 7 a km for sedan

Uber cuts fares in Chennai; hatchback ride to cost Rs 6 a km, and Rs 7 a km for sedan.

Chennai | RNW | By PTI | 4 Feb, 2016, 06.14 PM IST.

Taxi aggregator Uber today said it is reducing fares of hatch-backs and sedans in the city from tomorrow amid rising demand for its services.

As per the revised tariff, a journey in a hatchback, costing Rs 8 per km earlier, has been revised to Rs 6 per km. Customers preferring sedan would now have to pay Rs 7 per km as against Rs 9 earlier, a company release said.

The new fares will be effective from tomorrow.

“We are hoping this price drop creates more accessibility to people in the city. Higher demand also means more trips for our partner drivers and increased earnings for them,” Uber General Manager South and West Bhavik Rathod said.

In a separate statement, the taxi aggregator said that it has signed a partnership with the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment to create micro-entrepreneurial opportunities.

“This will enable people who want to drive with Uber to sign up via the National Career Service online portal, launched by the Prime Minister to connect those looking for work with career counsellors, placement organisations and employers,” Uber said.

Uber would create an easy way for people signing up to drive with the company, and availing vehicle financing services in case they do not have a car, it said.

“It’s great to partner with the government on new work opportunities that go beyond traditional employment. We are committed to helping many thousands of people become micro-entrepreneurs so they can benefit from the new flexible, independent work that on-demand platforms make possible,” David Plouffe, Chief Advisor and Member, Board of Directors Uber said.

The Labour and Employment Ministry has started the initiative encourage micro-entrepreneurship through technology platforms like Uber.

This is aimed at offering alternatives to on-call scheduling, or zero-hour contracts used by employers to minimize their labour costs and keep workers on unpredictable schedules.

“We are pleased to partner with Uber to help people across India to become micro entrepreneurs as there is tremendous need for this kind of independent, flexible work,”Shankar Aggarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment said.

Uber operates in over 361 cities in 66 countries, and its service is available in 26 Indian cities presently.