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Tweak Skills, a startup that provides industry-oriented training to engineering aspirants


Co-founded by Anirban Chatterjee and Samrat Biswas, Tweak Skills trains engineering students and diploma holders in skills needed to work for the industry

New Delhi- Oct 24, 2016. Rednewswire

Many engineers in India are facing unemployment which is much higher than unemployment in other fields. The key reason can be the difference between what is taught in colleges and what the actual industry work requires. Anirban Chatterjee and Samrat Biswas have come up with an startup that bridges the gap between what is taught at engineering institutes and what is expected from a fresher when they are hired by a company.

It all started when Anirban Chatterjee just like any other engineering student was delighted after receiving a placement offer from Stup Consultants before his final semester. Soon after his exams, he started off with the job. After some time he realised that what he was taught in college was way different from what he was expected to do. It took him 5-6 months to learn the skills that his job demanded.

However, he always thought that the same problem is faced by other engineers who are just starting the career. Anirban (26) is a B.Tech in civil engineering from West Bengal University of Technology. He is also an alumni of IIM Calcutta. He was looking for an organisation that trains Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering aspirants in accordance with industrial requirements. When he did not find one, he left his job in 2014 and started conceptualizing Tweak Skills.

He was joined by his friend Samrat Biswas (26) an M.Tech from NIT who earlier worked for a company. Anirban was proud that he could solve the problems faced by the large number of core engineers and diploma students in India.

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The beginning

His organisation kick started in 2015 with an investment of Rs 3.5 lakhs. The duo received an investment of $15,000 from IIMB-NSRCEL in June 2016 to expand their venture. The organization was very often misunderstood as a consultancy firm which created problem in getting customers. They had to visit various colleges and managed to convince one of them to run the program.

Tweak Skills today has 14 colleges and 210 companies along with an enrollment of 2,574 aspirants. It organizes four workshops each semester along with an on-site internship program.

The Training

Tweak Skills offer courses through an alternate classroom model and provides training to students according to the industrial requirements. The startup also helps students with niche skills by training them in their area of interest. This is done with the help of Data Science. Similar training organisations like TeXel and Civil Simplified are considered to be tough competitors by Anirban.

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Anirban says, “Tweak Skills’ curriculum is focused more towards employable skills, whereas Civil Simplified and TeXel are knowledge-based. The competition is targeting ivy league colleges like NIT and IIT, whereas Tweak Skills’ target group are students outside of ivy league colleges, mainly from tier II and tier III colleges.”

To deliver industry-oriented learning and good employment opportunities for students, Tweak Skills have joined hands with  Builders Association of India (BAI), IIMB-NSRCEL, Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI), IIMC-Innovation, National Institute of Technology (NIT-R) and MSME.

The bridge between demand and supply

According to NSDC, by 2022, the real estate sector will require 76 millions skilled employees. But the problem is that students are not provided with the necessary skills needed to get the job.

NSDC also revealed that 92 percent of core engineering graduates and diploma students in India face unemployment. This has created a gap between demand and supply of skilled workers in the core engineering sector. The startup has also tied up with colleges for training and placements offered by its training centers, Smart Labs. It is currently operating in West Bengal, Karnataka and Odisha. The startup has also launched its website 

Tweak Skills is looking for a funding of  $300,000-400,000 and aims to achieve 24 percent monthly growth with 1000 companies on-board.

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