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Travel discovery app startup SHOUUT raises $500,000 from HNI’s

Travel discovery app startup SHOUUT raises $500,000 from HNI’s

Travel discovery app startup SHOUUT raises $500,000 from HNI’s.

Shouut, the social discovery app launched by Giant Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd, has raised an angel fund of $500,000 from an undisclosed HNI angel investor, based in India.

Founder of Shouut, Praveen Kochhar says that this app was launched to make the lives of people easier by helping them get information and descriptions about their favourite brands and also the things that they look out for. This app claims to give the best of information regarding brands, marketing them in a good manner, combined with trusted classy content.

This app shows its versatility by differentiating its services according to the user. For general users, it permits the discovery of places, events, offers and deals near their areas and for business heads; it permits the elaboration of business deals around their business location.

In order to ensure the devotedness of users, this app spreads information on various interesting topics and fields like food, cuisines, travel, lifestyle, etc. It comprises f about 150 travel bloggers, writers, publications and experience providers, to develop content on this app; and it has recommendations in numbers more than 25k, and has spread across 1100 cities across the country.

It has recently introduced a new program named “Shout fund”, which is a platform that enhances bloggers, travellers and amateurs to discover their city and also the country. The company is aiming on increasing the funds and its kitty for improving the interest and the usage of the app, by introducing more brands. In its first attempt, the company had pledged Rs.1 crore for funding over new ideas.

This platform was launched in the month of February and it was developed for course of ten months and eventually launched as an Android app.