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Tirupati darshan with Savaari Car Rentals


India is an enticing dwelling to more than 2 million temples spread across every edge of the country. Even if someone visits one temple each day, it’s impossible to visit all the temples in one lifetime. However, it’s worth your time and money to go for a spiritual escapade to some famous temples once in a while. My family and I decided to visit Tirumala Tirupati, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh to seek the blessing of Lord Venkateswara. 

I did a little research about the place before leaving and got to know that there are numerous ways to reach Tirupati.  We decided to take a flight, and we did reach the city of Tirupati in some countable hours. To be precise, We boarded a flight from Bangalore to Tirupati international airport. On reaching the airport we decided to choose our trusted Savaari car rentals. Savaari’s Tirupati Airport to Tirumala taxi fare is very reasonable. We reached the hotel situated almost on the foothills which was almost 30kms away from the airport. After we reached, we went out for a short exploration of the town. However, I was enchanted by the serene beauty of the place. The city was surrounded by mountains and green-lushy vegetating fields. The weather set me a little aback by and I was flabbergasted to witness such tranquil sky and the voiceless yet gorgeous meadows. 

We had already booked the VIP darshan at one of the most famous Venkateshawara temple for the next day; hence we decided to take some rest and call it a day. The next day, in the morning, we hired the cab from Savaari rentals to reach the temple at the hilltop. I was left bewitched and thrilled by the journey to the hill as those foggy mountains were carved into roads with the side facing the cliff, it felt as if it was a canvas all painted the greens and blues due to the dense forest awning and the deep blue sky. On the way to the temple, we even witnessed some wild animals roaming around like deers behind the cage, which was quite an exciting scene. After reaching the hilltop, we could see the temple at some distance. We walked our way to the shrine crossing many food and artefacts stalls on the side of the wall.  

It was a giant temple with a golden top, shining brighter than the moons and stars. The background of the temple had the green forest-covered mountain which complimented the beauty of the snowy white Tirupati temple. After the darshan, we decided to explore the places nearby. As a nature lover, our first destination had to be Sri Venkateswara national park. The national park had a breathtaking landscape, vegetation, waterfall and beauty of the Verdant valley. We spotted several exotic species of flora and fauna including hyenas and flying lizards. The best part for me in the national park was Talakona waterfalls, as I’m a waterfall enthusiast, whenever I see one I get delighted. The Talakona waterfalls is 82m high and enriched with minerals and herbs which have healing properties, and this fall carries a plethora of charms and elegance. 

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by for a quick visit to the deer park where those animals are kept under proper guidance and care. 

It was a tiring day but a lot was left to discover in this beautiful city. On the last day we decided to pay a visit to some more famous temples nearby where we travelled by the rental taxi. The first stop was Srikalahasti temple which is well-known for the Vayu Ling present in its sanctum sanctorum, which keeps on flickering even when the wind’s not blowing. The ancient shrine which is carved on a monolithic hill looked very beautiful. 

I was intrigued by the fact that the Sri Venkateswara temple uses about 500kg of flowers every day, and I was looking forward to seeing its actual sources. We got to know from the locals that the TTD gardens are the primary source of flowers supplied to the temple. So that evening we visited the temple where there were about four nurseries, ponds and other sights which made it a perfect spot to spend time with family. 

We were to leave for Bangalore the next day, so we decided to return home via a car, as this time we wanted to experience a road trip for real. So we booked a cab from the Savaari rentals from Tirupati to Bangalore, and there the journey to return home started. On our way back home we decided to purchase some heirlooms and mementos like the small statues of Lord Balaji and other artefacts, as on our way from Tirupati to Bangalore, there was a streak of handloom shops and art-based shops gleaming around. However, we enjoyed that car trip and time passed and we reached Bangalore after a few hours. The road trip was very comforting as the driver was experienced and friendly. The rates of the Savaari rentals were reasonable and pocket-friendly too. The spiritual escape to the beautiful temple of Tirupati made me realise how important are the sprees to break the monotonous life for a refreshed mind.