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Tim Cook to visit India tomorrow for the first time


Tim Cook to visit India tomorrow for the first time

Tim Cook to visit India tomorrow for the first time

Noida | Red Newswire | May 16 10:55 PM IST.

Apple CEO Time Cook has revealed his surprise plans. Cook will be visiting India tomorrow for the first time to meet PM Modi to discuss and announce the tech giant’s plans for India.

Apple is witnessing low sales in west as China. China is Apple’s largest market apart from U.S. this will be Cook’s first official India visit as the CEO. He’ll be flying down tomorrow from China which is visiting after the company announced $1 billion investment in China’s biggest ride – hailing company Didi Chuxing.

As reported by Mashable, Cook will be meeting Modi after visiting multiple cities in the country. India proved to be a silver lining in Apple’s low earnings. Though Apple has only 2% stake in the fast growing Indian market for smartphone, it witnessed a growth of 56% earlier this year. Apple is also planning to open its first retail store in the country for which it will have to get government’s approval.

However, this is not Cook’s and Modi’s first meeting with each other. They met when Modi visited Silicon Valley last year. The import duties have been increased by the government to discourage imports and strengthen the Make In India initiative.

Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner is already set up in India and has been reported to be looking for locations in Maharashtra to set up manufacturing plants for Apple.

Earlier this year, Cook said, “India is also incredibly exciting. The population of India is incredibly young… Almost half the people in India are below 25. And so I see the demographics there also being incredibly great for a consumer brand and for people that really want the best products.”

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