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The Ultimate List of Corporate Team Outing Places Near Bangalore


Bangalore is home to thousands of companies which also means that a large population that resides within the city is employees. Just like every organization has certain expectations from its employees, the same goes for the employees as well. They expect the organization to treat them beyond money churning machines and look after their overall growth and development. One of the important factors that contribute towards this is how well the organization looks after the employees and the additional perks that they provide apart from a monthly cheque.  

One common practice followed across most of the organizations are planning a corporate day outing for all the employees by the Human Resource Department of the organization. It brings together all the employees in one place, indulges them in some fun activities and increases the bond and motivation level among them. An increase in these has a direct positive effect on their productivity and hence it a win-win situation for both. Now that we have established the need for these outings, let us look at the ultimate list of corporate team outing places near Bangalore: 

  • Skandagiri Trek – while everyone goes for a picnic as a team outing activity, how much fun would it be to take everyone trekking, and not during the day, but at night! This is the perfect place for just that as this quaint little town near the city lets you explore the hills at night in the light of the moon. The ruined fort, which is found on the trek route, adds the perfect amount of horror and drama to the entire outing. The reason why the entire trek is worth it is because of the chance to spend the night at the top of the hill, under the stars with only nature for the company. A warm bonfire, a couple of happy employees and a few stories to be exchanged are the perfect ingredient for an ideal team outing.   
  • Wayanad – if you want to venture a little far, then this piece of heaven in God’s own Country, is just the perfect setting of nature and adventure. For the adventure junkies, there is a whole lot of activities like rappelling and rock-climbing. For the ones looking at a more relaxing time with the colleagues, then there are options for fishing, cycling, and boating to choose from. There are a number of tourist spots also that the team can visit together, like the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kuruva Islands, Edakkal Caves, and Banasura Sagar Dam among other places to choose from. There is something for everyone here and doing all these activities together will help form a deeper bond in the team.  
  • Nandi Hills – this hidden gem, just about sixty kilometers away from the city of Bangalore, is ideal for a quick getaway, which is away from the city but also not too far. The presence of various tourist spots like temples and sunset points makes it an ideal place for some relaxation with the team. Go paragliding and get a birds-eye view of the entire place. The presence of team outing resorts like Discovery Village makes this the ideal destination for such plans. This resort has everything you and needs and more to ensure that your employees have the best experience. They organize a vast number of team bonding activities like cycling, rappelling, trekking, nature trails, bird watching, karaoke, swimming, a barbeque by the bonfire and a number of workshops to ensure that all the employees engage with each other and get to know each other better while having fun at the same time.  
  • Wonder La Water Park – if your organization has mostly young employees who are open to having fun in different ways and you are looking for just a day outing then the best option near the city is this water park. With over sixty plus rides that it offers it is the most acclaimed amusement park in the country. Rides like a hurricane, drop zone, jungle lagoon, vertical fall among others is sure to get their adrenaline rushing and have them screaming with excitement. After the fun activities, you can treat them to some delicious food at the in-house restaurants which have a variety of food to offer. 

It is so important for the employees to move away from the four walls of the cabin and spend some quality time together. Such an outing provides just that opportunity to bring everyone together in a different setting, have them work through challenges of a different kind and create stories that go beyond the shirts, suits, laptops, lunch boxes and excel sheets. There is a lot more that is created and narrated this way than it will ever be through a PowerPoint presentation in a boardroom setting.  
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