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The Emergency App Now Looks Out for Its Users Globally


iUDAME App Version 1 is Here 7/9/16… Now it Ensures the Call for Help is Heard Anywhere in the World With Numerous Features Like Real-Time GPS Location, Local Authority Notification, Alerts to Your Personal Response Network, Travel Alerts, Child & Elderly Monitoring and More…

BROOKLYN, NY, July 8, 2016/–

An App called iUDAME notifies friends, family and authorities in case of emergency.

iUDAME was originally launched in October 2015 by Mr. Michael Nelson, a published neuroscientist. The idea came to him after his sister suffered a massive heart attack at the tender age of 32 and died. He felt that if someone could have been alerted in good time, she might still be alive today. Determined to do some good in the name of his sister, Mr. Nelson continues to grow and evolve this life saving app to help anyone in need.

iUDAME is an app that keeps individuals connected to their personal emergency response team. When someone is in trouble, whether they are in need of medical or other emergency help, they can use the app to mobilize up to five trusted contacts and also alert 911 with just a push of a single button. The app will notify their personal emergency network via text, e-mail, and robocall.

The app shares the victim’s GPS location with the emergency contacts and 911 so they can locate them or send help even when in a reduced 3/4G service area. By sending the alert to 911, the life of the person in need of help can be saved even if they cannot talk or text..

“On a phone screen, this app, iUDAME, is little more than a large gray button. When the button is pressed, the app can alert 911 as well as family members to the distressed user’s location,” notes New York Times.

iUDAME can also be used by parents and guardians to monitor the location of their children or elderly family members. It is especially helpful with the rising global cases of domestic violence. The app comes in handy when such an abuse occurs and the victim needs to contact 911. As states, “The app is valuable for those currently in a domestic violence situation who may not have time or ability to dial 911 and give their contact information when abuse occurs.”

The app is also great for field workers especially those working alone in potentially risky situations. So businesses and organizations can use it to support their workers in the field with a seamless emergency alert system.

Single women also use it to provide them with a sense of security, said, “Safety – especially as a single mom living alone – is a top priority for me.. recognizing that coming home late to an empty house or even running errands with a tantrum-throwing child adds a statistically-higher risk of becoming the victim of a crime. That’s why my interest was captured by iUDAME.”

The app has newly released global coverage, meaning now it automatically identifies and pre-programs local police emergency phone numbers (when location is enabled). It is able to locate, map directions to or call the nearest Fire Houses, Police Stations and Hospitals, which is great for those with Health and/or Medical problems. People with illnesses and allergies can use it to quickly reach family, care takers, or medical help in an emergency.

There are newly added travel functions as well. Individuals that plan to visit different countries or towns can access the app for 5-day weather conditions, travel alerts and medical warnings. For travelers abroad, iUDAME even allows them to locate nearby embassies. The app is strategically aiming to protect individuals and their loved ones anywhere in the world.

iUDAME is free to download in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, and comes with a one month free trial. After the expiration of the 30 days, the user can choose the $2 Basic package or the $4.99 Pro package. Additional features are available for in app purchasing.

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