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The Android Emulator Bluestacks Crosses 1 billion Apps Milestone

The Android Emulator Bluestacks Crosses 1 billion Apps Milestone

The Android Emulator Bluestacks Crosses 1 billion Apps Milestone

The Android Emulator Bluestacks Crosses 1 billion Apps Milestone
Image: Bluestacks

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 4, 2015 Last Updated at 03:35 PM IST.

When Myntra decided to go app-only, Indian users continued to access the app from their PC. Long before Whatsapp released its web version, users were using the app from their desktop.

This workaround was possible, thanks to the technology developed by BlueStacks, a Silicon Valley and Delhi-based startup that can render any mobile app for desktop use.

The four-year-old company, which launched a slew of features, counts 109 million users across the world, with people consuming over one billion apps every month. The technology was developed by its 65-member team in Delhi, said CEO Rosen Sharma. and the updated platform launched an upgrade that ports apps to a TV screen as well.

“What we’ve learned is that the wider visual space lends itself more naturally to app discovery. It has accelerated our growth and retention massively over the past year,” said Shashi Kant Sharma, product manager at BlueStacks.

India has 20 million people using BlueStacks, and globally, users spend about 30 minutes a day on the website. It makes money by showcasing the ads on its platform, and does not charge a commission from the app developers, unlike the Google and Apple app stores.

“I’ve watched this company come up as Android has come up over the years,” said Tim Bajarin, an analyst and president of consultancy firm Creative Strategies. “Both have exceeded almost everyone’s expectations.”

Recently, the company said its Android user base surpassed both Xiaomi and Sony to become the ninth largest in the world.

At a time when the debate on mobile apps versus web rages on, BlueStacks has engineered a neat solution that obviates the very dilemma.

“Where mobile is growing fastest, we’re growing fastest,” said BlueStacks’ senior vice president of marketing and business development John Gargiulo of BlueStacks which employs 100 people.

Cofounded by a four-member team, including CEO Sharma and CTO Suman Saraf, the company has raised about $30 million in venture capital funding by the likes of Andreessen-Horowitz, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, among others.

The Silicon Valley-headquartered firm has offices across Beijing, Delhi, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore.

The company’s new update on Thursday attempts to combine gameplay and app discovery. Because browsers have tabs, the apps can run simultaneously, as people use gaming and messaging side by side. Also, ads could be pushed to another tab, allowing for a experience.

Source: ET Bureau. By: Krithika Krishnamurthy
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