Today is the world of science. We have to agree that technology has changed our lives in many ways. Technology has influenced each and every field. Today we start our day with the use of the technology in any form like checking the mobile phones for updates, reading news papers, exercising on a treadmill, sending a mail using your laptop etc… All of this is just impossible without technology. As all this daily tasks done by the us are only possible with the help of different forms of technology. All the things that we use in our daily life are technology based products. We love to live in this technological world.

Education is the need of the society and for the society. As educated people create a better society and a better society creates a better environment for them to live. Education in our life is as important as we need food to live. The combination of education and technology is really necessary to attain a complete balance in our life.

The technology has very successfully set up his leg in every field. Now if we talk about the use of technology in education we will find that various forms of technology are helping to educate more and more people. Computer technology, information technology, medical technology etc….. are the examples of some of them. The most popular as well as useful technology in the field of education is computer technology.

As the name occur computer technology, we can easily understand that I am talking about the use of computers and computerized devices to educate the people. Computers have taken the education to a whole new level. And now it seems that it is impossible to continue education without the use of computers. As computers are so well built that it can store as well as save the information which is really very beneficial for today’s education. As the level of education has increased with time and now you can’t just tell the students to understand everything by themselves but you have to make them understand. The advanced generation of today, likes to learn new and better things day by day. They have so many questions about so many subjects that make a bit more difficult for teachers to teach. Today studying computers is not an option for the students but kind of compulsory for them.

Computers are very supportive in making notes as we can collect more and more information from the internet and save them in the computer at once. And when we get suitable time we can make notes using the information that we have saved earlier.

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Various kinds of software present in the computer are making the students expert in various fields. As Internet explorer, Google Chrome etc…. helps in getting more and more information, Microsoft word, MS-EXCEL etc…… helps in making notes properly, Adobe Reader helps in reading PDF files, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Tally etc….. are examples of some of the other software prove to be helpful for students in their studies.

Computers are not only useful for students but also very useful for teachers in teaching the students. The teachers can now collect and save more and more information about the topics to teach more accurately as well as easily. And because of various software teachers can apply different ways to make studies enjoyable for students. Nowadays e-learning is also possible because of the computers. Teachers record their lessons and then students can study in their very home. The recorded lessons are so very useful because if you get a doubt about any topic while studying you can watch it’s video again. In this way you will not have to wait to meet your teacher for your doubt clearance.

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Computer technology is helping in giving exams too. As today because of computers online exams are being possible. It not only have software that teaches us seriously but also have software which teaches us as well as entertain us for example Typing Master is a game software that helps in improving our typing speed by playing various kinds of games.

Computers are contributing a lot in the field of education whether it is the administrative department or the teaching and learning department, it is playing a great role in each and every part of them. There is a lot more that computer is doing today to educate the people, which is really remarkable.