While tech giants pitch free internet ideas, 4 lofty engineers bring wi-fi to their villages heroically


While tech giants pitch free internet ideas, 4 lofty engineers bring wi-fi to their villages heroically

Rajgarh, India | Red Newswire | Jan 17, 2016 Last Updated at 11:00 AM IST.

Internet has become a basic service among food, shelter etc. which has been pipped by many famous personalities over the years like Mark Zuckerberg.

While Facebook is supposedly trying to provide free internet service or shall we say trying to expand its business, potentially among the huge untapped market of villages, some local people are really trying to provide selfless service by rolling out unrestricted internet service among there locality.

After being inspired by Digital India plan, one of the flagship programmes of current government, four IT Engineers named Shakeel Anjum, Tushar Bharthare, Bhanu Yadav and Abhishek Bharthare, all in their 20’s by the way, left their jobs and has since worked to provide free internet in their village, which is situated in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The project has cost them 2 lacs so far but they haven’t deterred from their dream of introducing this into other parts of country.

The task was simple except that it wasn’t simple. They just erected a 80 foot tower by themselves without any help by an government or private organisation, attached an amplifier to it and an inverter to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

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The service was finally started in October and was extended to gram panchayat (village council) Bawdikheda jagir by November. It was officially launched in January.

“After the introduction of Wi-Fi, numerous villagers have bought smart phones. School children use apps and e-books to help their studies,” says Anjum. “A Bank of India kiosk in the village can now work much more efficiently in opening new bank accounts because of uninterrupted Internet service.” The four tied up with a local NGO called Rajgarh Computer Seva Sanstha to teach the villagers how they could use the Internet.

The four are currently shelling out 8,000rs for the Wi-Fi but are expecting hope from government .They also plan to reach out surrounding villages within a radius of 15Km.

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When asked about Facebook’s basic internet model to Anjum, he said” A tie-up between telecom operators and a large corporation is a business method. Internet users should have the freedom to access everything.”

By: Rishi Sharma @Rednewswire