Tamil Nadu minister floats tons of thermocol sheets to prevent evaporation

You must have heard of chasing chickens. But this minister of Tamil Nadu spent a day chasing ‘thermocol’ sheets with a ‘grand plan’ in mind that would save  the state from drought woes. In a haphazard attempt resolve Tamil Nadu’s dry spell curse, the state’s Co-operatives Minister Sellur K Raju, came up with an innovation solution.


Inviting a host of journalists to show off his innovation – cover the reservoir of the dam with thermocol sheets so that evaporation in the summer heat would come down, K Raju told said that the plan was to cover the entire water surface with sheets of thermocol taped together to prevent evaporation from the Vaigai Dam. K Raju, his party cadre and officials crowded around the waterside to address the journalists saying, the plan was to use thermocol, taped together, to cover the lake’s surface and prevent water from evaporating.


Enthusiatically, he picked up a few sheets and tried to place them over water only to see them wash up ashore a few minutes later due to high velocity wind in the dam.
Undeterred, the minister entered the water to place the sheets back, some of which had shredded into pieces. However, those too blew away. The minister said that as the region is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 142 years every attempt is being made to conserve water.The method of using thermocol sheets to reduce evaporation has been tried in foreign countries and private water bodies, he said, while adding that Rs 10 lakh has been set aside for the project.


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