is your personalized wardrobe with an attitude

Style is Me, an initiative by Purple Artech India is an online personal styling and designing service with a difference. We don’t virtually style you, we re-invent you in the real world by creating an exclusive wardrobe made following your own specifications.
At Style is Me, we dress you in the style that you have always dreamed of, a style to make you stand out from the crowd in any occasion. We deal in the unique, we style according your individuality.
Styleisme, is your personalized wardrobe with an attitude. An attitude that says Yes to who you are, an attitude that celebrates you regardless of your body shape. At, with the help of your personal designer, we will always style you beautiful.
Style is me is a hub of  fashion designers from all across the globe who would create an exclusive wardrobe following the client’s own specifications including the budget.Easy Registration and ample of opportunity to display your creativity.All you got to do is precisely choose the project matching your skills.Upload your sketches and wait for the client approval. Once your design is approved ,the client pays his/her Offer price which includes the dispatch charges.Payment transferred directly into your Paypal account upon project completion. Sounds Exciting?? Do let us know.


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