State Bank of India has banned deposits In Paytm Wallets


Paytm transactions are not permitted by SBI in paytm wallets

Bengaluru – Dec 29, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Paytm is India’s most popular cashless platform among consumers which makes easy for people to do cashless transactions. Where Our PM Narendra Modi talks about going cashless and digital India, SBI has banned transactions to paytm wallets.

The account holder of SBI bank will now not be able to do Paytm transactions,whereas others banks are still allowing paytm transactions.

Someone told on twitter that SBI is now not permitting transaction to paytm wallet.



SBI  is reportedly promoting its own app “Buddy” by putting banners across India and speaking about Paytm which is partly chinese. SBI says “Buddy” is the better option compared to Paytm.



SBI allows cash transfer to other wallets. SBI wrote its app is fully secured as it is completely owned by State Bank of India.

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