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Starting up? Embark on entrepreneurial journey of Jagriti Yatra

Starting up? Embark on entrepreneurial journey of Jagriti Yatra

Starting up? Embark on entrepreneurial journey of Jagriti Yatra.

Mumbai | Red Newswire | By Nirupama V, ET Bureau | 29 Dec, 2015, 02:50 PM IST.

Gaurav Dahake undertook a 15-day trainjourney across 12 places in the country and met some of the most-successful organisations and entrepreneurs before he founded well-known startup Buyhatke in 2013. As many as 475 aspiring entrepreneurs are on a similar journey, and were in the city on Sunday as part of their learning experience.

Jagriti Yatra, a non-profit that calls itself a national enterprise ecosystem, takes selected youngsters to different parts of India annually to interact with organisations and meet role models of enterprise-building. With over 300 success stories, the Yatra, earlier editions of which took place under the banner of the Tata Group, – is currently in its eighth edition.

In the city on Sunday , they interacted with president and COO of Mindtree, NS Parthasarathy, and Art of Living founder Ravishankar.

Like Gaurav, many others have started their own businesses after heir journeys. City-based entrepreneur Shalini Menon launched the Educators Collective, which specialises in experiential learning, af er participating in the Yatra in 2011. “I knew I wanted to do something, but the yatra gave me the will to start it,” said Menon, who has been involved in organising the following three yatras herself.

Jasmine Goel founded Reconnecting Dots, an organisation that assists non-profits improve their efficiency. She hit upon the idea of helping NGOs after joining one edition of the yatra. “I am told there are twice the number of NGOs in India as there are schools. But many of them are mediocre and they need help to run better,” she said.

“It is hard to not do anything when you come back from the yatra,” said Chintan Siriya, executive director of Jagriti Yatra.

Shifa Thobani, an engineering student from Madhya Pradesh, who plans to take up community service, applied for the yatra in order to explore where she would fit in. “This yatra is not all about business. Today, we learnt how it is important to take time out for ourselves everyday,” she said.

Bengaluru has one of the most-active Jagriti Yatra networks. “There are over 200 people who are actively involved,” said Sandeep Anirudhan, who plans to set up a social enterprise himself.

The team headed to Madurai, their next destination, where they will be studying the model of Aravind Eye Care Systems, a well-known nonprofit hospital.

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