Breaking News is up with Special Offer for Students Looking to Study Abroad


Stoodnt, which connects students and parents to leading counsellors and colleges, has the offer open from July 4 to August 15

Stoodnt logoStoodnt – a leading global platform that allows students globally to access Counselling services from well renowned international Counsellors, today announced the launch of its special freedom offer. The offer gives an opportunity to the aspiring students, dreaming to study abroad, to seek advice from the list of renowned counsellors on the platform at a special price.

Valid between July 4 (US Independence Day) and August 15 (India’s Independence Day), the platform offers special discounts – 2 counselling sessions for $150 or 5 sessions for $350. This offer is limited to the first 50 students who sign up.

With the start of the 2017 college admission process for thousands of Indians aspiring to study abroad, Stoodnt wants to make sure they and their parents have access to quality, objective advice and help at affordable prices.

Stoodnt was launched in 2015 in Palo Alto, California, by Harvard Business School Alumni. It launched recently in India, its first international market.

Stoodnt is a global marketplace, focused on helping millions of students fulfill their aspiration of getting an international education. The global technology platform does this by connecting them and their parents to high-quality college admission counsellors, US colleges, admission insights, guidance and admission tools. The counsellors on the platform collectively bring several hundred years worth of experience and have successfully guided over 1000 students into top-tier colleges and universities across the world.

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The platform provides well-researched information on various programmes and leverages data, technology and people to provide solutions that make life easier for students and parents during the admission process and helps them make the best decision.

Rising interest in India

The number of students from India studying abroad is increasing consistently, growing by 10% in 2015. India had approximately 4 lakh students studying abroad in 2015, about 25% of them in US colleges.

As incomes rise, so do global aspirations and competition for good universities in India. Many parents are opting to send their children abroad for undergraduate and graduate studies. Stoodnt provides these students with the tools to achieve their dreams.

Stoodnt’s research found that the market for college admission counsellors were opaque, highly fragmented and had a mix of quality, biased and un-objective counsellors. The biggest challenge was finding counsellors who could be trusted to keep the student’s interest in mind.

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How Stoodnt Helps

Stoodnt makes the admission process objective, convenient and productive. It has a rigorous process for onboarding and training counsellors, and tools built in to monitor and measure service quality and end-to-end customer experience.

Stoodnt connects parents, students, counsellors and colleges, making the process of interaction, communication and collaboration seamless, productive and transparent.

Stoodnt’s founders are passionate about the vision as it not only helps students in something important but also gives back to society – they are committed to providing free services to underprivileged students with aspirations to study abroad.

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