Snapdeal paying heavy for its app uninstalls instead of Snapchat for mistaken identity


Where thousands of Snapdeal apps have been uninstalled in a protest against Snapchat, for a serious identity mistake. This must also be a learning for startups choosing similar or existing business names.

In a case of mistaken identity, many people downgraded and uninstalled the mobile application of e-commerce platform ‘Snapdeal’ instead of social networking app ‘Snapchat’ to mark their protest against certain unverified comments of Snapchat CEO about the Indian market.

The social media was today abuzz with criticism against Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel after a report quoted one of the company’s former employees as saying that the top executive told him that the “app is only for rich people” and that he (CEO) was not interested in expanding the business to “poor countries” like India and Spain.

Snapchat, on its part, has rubbished the allegations.

However, soon after the controversy erupted, #BoycottSnapchat became one of the top trending topics on Twitter and people began to uninstall the app and give it poor ratings and reviews on various app stores.

“Dear CEO of Snapchat…why don’t you come to India and check out Indians’ phones,”

wrote a user in review of Snapchat’s app. Many also went on to highlight that CEOs of top tech firms like Microsoft and Google are Indians.

Interestingly, a section of Internet users mistook Snapchat to be Snapdeal and uninstalled the e-commerce app of the latter. This came to light after netizens started posting pictures of the blunder on Twitter.
Many users also went on to explain how the two apps were different.

“Time to balance the ratings…guys its Snapchat’s CEO who said bad things. You are making Snapdeal pay that…please change your ratings,”

wrote one of them.


Snapdeal, which has been in news for a potential sell out to larger rival Flipkart, has faced a similar downgrade in 2015 when its then-brand ambassador Aamir Khan made a comment on growing ‘intolerance in the country.

The moral of the story is: Keep your business name unique and clear as far as possible

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