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Snapchat users to finally get relief from the auto advance feature

Snapchat users to finally get relief from the auto advance feature

Snapchat to finally end its auto advance feature. A new feature allows you to select stories you want to view seamlessly.

New Delhi – Oct 08, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Snapchat’s 24 hour rolling story feature proved to be an effective way to stay connected with people whom you follow on the app. But there was a huge outcry when a later update of the app played all the stories in one go. This left the users with no option other than viewing the stories which they are not interested in. Well, Snapchat has finally decided to end up with this painful feature in favor of its new “Story playlist” feature.

The “auto advance” feature prevented users from individually choosing stories which they wanted to watch. It was annoying when you only wanted to watch your family’s or close friends post but any random person’s snap story would start playing. However, this feature is soon to be rolled out from all Android and iOS devices. Now you have to simply tap on any story you like and Snapchat would play only that story and won’t take you further.

Snapchat earlier introduced the Auto Advance feature with a motive to ease out our story watching experience but proved to be a disappointment. However, the app has not entirely drifted apart from the idea by introducing the ‘Story Playlist’ feature.

Story Playlist allows users to seamlessly view in full screen only those stories which they have selected and also in the sequence they have chosen. All you have to do is just tap on the story thumbnail next to the person’s name and they will be added in your Story Playlist. Click on the play at the bottom of the screen to view.

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