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Smart Bridge Market is estimated to hit $1.78 billion by 2023

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled, “Smart Bridge Market: By Solutions (Hardware [Accelerometers, Anemometers, Others], Software and Services); By Technology (Transportation and Communication System, Condition Monitoring System); By Geography – (2018-2023)”, the market is largely driven by high traffic influx in bridges, thereby necessitating the demand for intelligent traffic monitoring.

Americas continues to lead the market share during 2018-2023

Americas was the major shareholder of $182.8 million in 2017 and is estimated to reach $667 million by 2023, with a growth rate of 24.08% CAGR. Huge billion dollar investments by countries governments into nation’s infrastructure to develop smart infrastructure enhances the growth of the smart bridge market in the American region. Rising traffic congestions, vehicles equipped with wireless technologies, initiatives by government and launch of projects for development of monitoring system for smart bridges would result in the growth of the smart bridge market in the European region.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region, which is projected to register the highest growth rate of 27.52% CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the increasing number of smart city implementations in the future and is expected to reach $433.1 billion by 2023, followed by Europe and the Americas. Presence of large number of emerging economies in this region where the number of opportunities and investments are growing at a faster pace, have been stimulating the demand for smart bridges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Selected / Sample Analysis done in the full Report:

  • This part of the report presents an assessment on the various stakeholders in the value chain of the smart bridge market.

  • The process of value addition starts with the OEMs which offer various sensor, connectivity, data processing/storage and other related hardware components of the smart bridge system.

  • The software solution providers develop the IT infrastructure of the smart bridge system which handles the sensor data influx, data processing, storage and visualization.

  • These solution providers are majorly contracted by builders to work with the system integrators to develop and deploy the solution while simultaneously working with various sensing and actuation systems, on bridges, and generate the appropriate visualization for the public bodies including traffic monitoring, safety and security departments.

  • The hardware components are procured by the system integrators who are contracted by the builders to deploy the system onto the new constructions site or existing ones.

  • These system integrators are responsible for installation of various sensing systems, data collection, telemetry and processing systems on-site. This is followed by the calibration of the sensing and actuation systems and extensive testing for finalization.

  • The contractors or builders are the major stakeholders of the value chain who file tenders for public building projects. They influence the decision for the selection of the system integrators and software solution providers.

  • The third party testing and maintenance companies are responsible for testing the smart bridge system integrity and reliability during deployment, service and maintenance or repair of the hardware components during its service period.

  • The maintenance firms are contracted by the builder for a certain period of service warranty, after which they are contracted by the local bodies directly for their repair, replacement and maintenance services.

  • The maintenance companies procure the new hardware components from the OEMs for replacing the ones which failed due to end of product life cycle, pre mature failure or any other factor.

  • The regulatory bodies are responsible for only checking the compliance of environmental regulations and worker safety standards during construction, maintenance and testing activities.

  • The contractors need to submit various environmental safety reports to these bodies before starting and during the continuation of the project. These bodies do not add any value to the market but play a major role of decision influencers during selection of the contractors during the tender bidding stage.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors Mentioned in the Full Report:

  1. The increasing number of bridge collapses and increase in public concerns along with stringency on infrastructure and road safety regulations is set to drive the adoption of condition monitoring system and traffic monitoring system respectively, thereby assisting the market growth in the future.

  2. Increasing adoption of IoT and growing number of smart infrastructures in the market is estimated to witness significant upsurge during the forecast period 2018-2023.

  3. The cost of the deployment of smart bridge systems have reduced significantly since the past decade which is set to drive its adoption in the future.

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Key Players of the Smart Bridge Market:

IBM Corporation and Cisco are analyzed to be the dominant players of the smart bridges market. IBM Corporation Company developed latest smart traffic management system for emergency services in order to monitor and visualize the emergency vehicles along a predefined rote. This service makes use of traffic management servers which is centrally located on cloud, provided by IBM, PubNub’s real-time data stream network. Both Cisco and IBM have deployed connected transportation solutions.

Smart Bridge Market Report is segmented as below.

  • Smart Bridge Market By Sensor Type:

  1. Accelerometers

  2. Anemometers

  3. Temperature Sensors

  4. Strain Gauges

  5. Weigh-In-Motion Sensors

  6. Photonic Sensors

  7. Others

  • Smart Bridge Market By Solution Type:

  1. Hardware

  2. Software and Services

  • Smart Bridge Market By Technology:

  1. Transportation and Communication Systems

  2. Condition Monitoring Systems

  • Smart Bridge Market By Geography ( Covers 14+ Countries )

  • Smart Bridge Market Entropy

Companies Cited / Interviewed









  9. Company 9

  10. Company 10+

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What can you expect from the report?

The Smart Bridge Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

  • Market Size by Product Categories

  • Market trends

  • Manufacturer Landscape

  • Distributor Landscape

  • Pricing Analysis

  • Top 10 End user Analysis

  • Product Benchmarking

  • Product Developments

  • Mergers & Acquisition Analysis

  • Patent Analysis

  • Demand Analysis ( By Revenue & Volume )

  • Country level Analysis (10+)

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Market Shares Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Supply Chain Analysis

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Revenue and Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does IndustryARC publish country, or application based reports in Smart Bridge Market?

Response: Yes, we do have separate reports and database as mentioned below:

    1. Americas Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    2. APAC Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    3. Europe Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    4. Transportation and Communication Systems Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    5. Condition Monitoring Systems Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    6. Accelerometers Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    7. Anemometers Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    8. Temperature Sensors Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    9. Strain Gauges Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    10. Weigh-In-Motion Sensors Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

    11. Photonic Sensors Market for Smart Bridge Market (2018-2023)

Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?

Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization

      1. Increase the level of data in application or end user industry.

      2. Increase the number of countries in geography or product chapter.

      3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies which are of interest to you.

      4. Company profiles can be requested based on your interest.

      5. Patent analysis, pricing, product analysis, product benchmarking, value and supply chain analysis can be requested for a country or end use segment.

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