Skype for Business finally hits Mac, Skype mobile also gets new updates


Skype for Business has finally arrived on Mac after a very long wait.

28th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

A year and a half ago, Skype launched the the full and final Windows version of its Business edition software. We also saw the service roll out to a handful of Mac users six months ago as a preview. Yesterday, half a year later, the Microsoft-owned internet service company finally announced that the enterprise version of its web service is finally going to be available to Mac users.

If you didn’t know already, the enterprise edition of Skype, called Skype for Business provides a handful of perks that aren’t available on the standard version. These include full-screen sharing, one-click to join and edge-to-edge video to name a few. This is great news for Mac users who want to take full advantage of the service.

Not just this, the Android and iOS apps for Skype for Business that had gone live last August are also getting new updates today. These apps will now allow users to present remotely with PowerPoint directly from their mobile device. This is a great improvement over manually sending the presentations to all the participants and taking it from there.

Users on Android can also access locally stored presentations which isn’t available on iOS because of device restrictions. But both OS users will be able to download and view presentations stored in the cloud. Microsoft is also trying to make the Skype sessions more reliable and efficient by using Video-Based Screen Sharing (VbSS), which uses a different protocol that expedites the setup and uses less bandwidth.

Apparently, more new and exciting features are on the way, particularly for iOS users. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft brings to the table with CallKit and other Apple dev kits.

Image credit: Skype