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Samsung unveils the Exynos 7 Dual 7270, the first wearable processor to support LTE


Samsung Electronics announced today a new wearable device processor that comes with a built-in LTE modem

New York, Oct. 11, 2016, Red Newswire/-

Sure, Samsung’s mobile division seems to be in a bit of a hassle all thanks to the infamous Galaxy Note 7 and its burning passion to explode. Luckily for us, the Korean giant seems to be giving us good news from another sector. The tech giant announced today a new chipset called the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 which is the first 14-nanometer wearable processor.

Well, that might not be the impressive bit yet. The 7270 is actually the first in its class to actually come in with a built-in LTE modem. This essentially means that you can expect future smartwatches and other related wearables to come in with calling and data support.

Currently, there are very few smartwatches out in the market which actually allow you to insert a SIM card and use the device as a standalone hardware. With the new chipset, however, manufacturers will not only be able to pull in mobile calls and data onto your wrist, you might even be given the ability to tether your laptop without a smartphone.

According to the developer of the chip, the 7270 uses several different fabrication technologies– system-in-package and package-in-package or SiP-ePoP. This tech allowed the engineers to cram in the DRAM, NAND flash and power management chips all while reducing the total size of the silicon chip.

“The Exynos 7270 presents a new paradigm for system-on-chips (SoC) dedicated to wearables,”

said Ben K. Hur, Vice President of System LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

“Designed on our state-of-the-art process technology, this AP offers great power savings, 4G LTE modem and full connectivity solution integration, as well as innovative packaging technology optimized for wearable devices. It is a ground-breaking solution that will greatly accelerate wider adoption of wearable devices by overcoming limitations in current solutions such as energy usage and design flexibility.”

We also get extra features like WiFi, Bluetooth, an FM radio and a GPS (GNSS) receiver on the 100-millimeter square device. The company has also stated that the chipset is 20 percent more power efficient than previous-gen 28-nanometer tech.

Image credits: Samsung

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