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Samsung has filed a new patent for a smartphone with a foldable display

Samsung has filed a new patent for a smartphone with a foldable display

Samsung Electronics has, reportedly, filed a patent that deals with a smartphone with a foldable display.

South Korea, 10th Nov., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Samsung was the brand to introduce the concept of a foldable smartphone, a while back. While we haven’t quite reached the whole deal yet, many companies have tried their hand at building something which brings us at least one step closer to this dream.

While Samsung’s own Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge products are evident of this effort, companies like Lenovo have also been playing around with products like a smartphone you can bend around your wrist.

Now, though, it seems like Samsung is on to something. Reportedly, the company has filed a patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for a concept phone that could be folded in half like a flip phone. And while not all patents lead to products, this kind of a device is something Samsung might just release in the next few years.

According to the filing, the device will be foldable at its centre or a little below that and will also house a secondary display that will show notifications and stuff when the phone is flipped closed. The report also reads that the smartphone will come with a complex “semiautomatic” powered folding action as one of the options.

Samsung has been working on a foldable OLED phone for a long time now. We saw the company show off its flexible Youm display back in 2013 and ever since most of us have marvelled about the idea of an actual foldable phone. The concept might seem a bit… mimic-y here, but it seems like a beautiful device to own.

Suffice to say, this patent may just be a means for Samsung to ensure that it doesn’t mess up the launch of its next flagship, the Galaxy S8.

Image credit: Engadget


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