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SaleBhai: A startup bringing home regional products from across India


SaleBhai founded by Vishwa Singh and his friends, lets people discover specialised products of different regions across the country

New Delhi-Oct 24, 2016. Rednewswire/-

With the dominance of e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal in the e-commerce ecosystem, it may seem to be a risky idea to enter this domain. But Ahmedabad’s Vishwa Singh did not hesitate to take a step forward. Along with friends Pramod Rao (36) Purba Kalita (41), Singh has launched “SaleBhai” an e-commerce service which delivers to your home exclusive regional products from across India. The startup lets people enjoy special goodies that are specific to different regions.

Bringing home regional goodness

The startup that started operating in September 2015 was founded with an aim to make people discover the speciality of regional goodies from various regions across India. This is not limited to food products but SaleBhai also sells other goods like puja items, handicrafts, paintings and other artistic products, wellness goods and handloom. It also provides eatables like sweets, chocolates, bakery products, spices and pickles, namkeen, beverages etc.

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Having spend a lot of time away from their hometowns, the founders missed the unique flavors of their regions be it food, customs, traditions etc. This inspired the trio to launch this startup which can help one stay connected to their roots. “SaleBhai owes its genesis to the market gap created by people migrating within India and abroad and goods representing their culture mostly in short supply or, at times, completely unavailable. We experienced this first-hand,” says Vishwa Singh (40).

SaleBhai caters to 17 communities including Punjabis, Kannadigas and Rajasthanis who are living in metro cities. It also has a conducted a pilot study to cater to the Indian diaspora in UK, Australia, West Asia and US. SaleBhai aims to fully operate in some of these regions in a few months. Currently, SaleBhai has tied up with 300 sellers from over 100 cities. According to Singh, SaleBhai’s primary differentiator in that the goods are sold at their original prices. The products also come with description regarding its use, facts, benefits, origin and popularity. Food products come with expert serving tips from chefs. The products also come along with details of the vendor.


The Ahmedabad-based startup was started with a seed investment of INR 4 crore pooled in bu all the founders. The startup managed to get a funding of INR 2 crore from 12 high net customers in February 2016. “We are now readying for our second batch of customers-turned-investors. It speaks volumes about our service,” says Singh. In July this year, the startup received an excellent funding of INR 10 crore from Time Group’s Brand Capital. The startup has served 10,000 customers and attracts 80,000 visitors each month. About 1200 new customers are added each month.

In one year (October 2015-16), the startup has earned INR 50 lakh and the founders expect to earn a 4 crore revenue by next year. However, the startup won’t be providing discounts and offers like other e-commerce sellers.

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