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Routofy’s app makes travel booking easier


Routofy’s app makes travel booking easier

Online travel itinerary planner Routofy has launched an end-to-end app for travel booking and assistance, which lets users book the entire trip, across different modes of transport, in one go.


“We have made the search simpler which allows users to book all the modes of transport they would be taking from point A to B,” said Ronak Gupta, cofounder, Routofy.

“We have integrated cabs, flights and buses on the same app. Our online travel assistance also updates subsequent legs of transport on any delay,” he said.

The app is also integrated with Uber for intra-city transport and will soon launch train bookings. “There is a lot of interest from offices to plan and optimize corporate travel,” said Gupta, adding that the app will announce partnerships for the same.

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