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Robotic machine to assist in farming? Get Ready!


Farmer from Tamil Nadu who also owns a degree from IISC invents robotic machine which can replace human labour in farming industry. 

New Delhi-Oct 23, 2016. Rednewswire/-

GRoboMac is a robotic machine which can help you in harvesting row-type crops like ladyfinger, brinjal, tomatoes and cotton. The machines are being developed by a startup named Green Robot Machinery (GRM) which started its operations two years back. The founder of this brilliant technology in Manohar Sambandam a farmer and professional in semiconductors belonging to South India.

Manohar Sambandam is an alumni of the prominent Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore who also had an amazing career as a semiconductor expert. All these qualifications failed to lead him away from this passion which is farming. Soon after working with companies like Broadcom and Texas International, Sambandam came back to his hometown Tamil Nadu and indulged in farming.

He noticed how the agriculture industry of India is suffering due to lack of labour. The primary reason was that labourers from rural areas are fast moving to cities in order to find work and earn better wages. Since farming is difficult without the help of labourers, the lands are sold to industrialists causing them to disappear. This inspired Sambandam to come up with a technology that can resolve the issue.

Manohar Sambandam, CEO and Founding Partner, GRoboMac Image Source
Manohar Sambandam, CEO and Founding Partner, GRoboMac
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According to Sambandam, cotton farming is facing a major problem which is labour shortage. Though it is a cash crop, labourers migrating to cities to seek other jobs makes cotton farming face hurdles. This led him to put in his skills and knowledge into something which can replace human resource and help in harvesting. Soon, he became the founder of Green Robot Machinery.

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GRoboMac was launched in 2014, primarily for cotton harvesting. The robotic machines includes an operator and a robotic arm. The operator senses harvestable cotton from rows of cotton plants. The machine’s robotic arm then picks up the cotton and stores it in a bin. The machine can collect up to 500 kg of crops per day which is equal to work done by 10 labourers. The machine uses 3D technology for detecting cotton and suits the average Indian farms size.

Sambandam says that the machine can help harvesting of lady finger, tomatoes, brinjal and cotton. Besides it can also help in other farming operations like seeding, weeding and spraying. The machine helps in effective greenhouse farming preferred by horticulture farmers. Farms in China are similiar to Indian farms and use manual technique. Indian machinery is used in European countries and China where greenhouse farming is popular.

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The machine is currently priced at INR 5 lakh ($22,000). The finished products are expected to hit the markets in 2017. The startup received funding from Villgro for production. GRoboMac will be sold to large farmers and FAAS (Farming As A Service Companies) who will further rent it to small farmers.

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