A rich man in Brazil decided to bury his Bentley so that he could use it even after his death


Media criticized his decision. And so was the crowd gathered before the funeral of his Bentley, he announced that his car is not being buried, he did this to raise awareness of organ donation between people.

He said in his speech that people condemned me because I was going to bury my car but you people everyday bury your hearts, lungs, kidneys etc. A lot of people are waiting for transplants of healthy organs, which could have saved their lives.


bentley burial brazil
Credit: Thane Chiquinho Scarpa


This Brazilian billionaire planned to bury his $450,000 Bentley to raise awareness for a good cause.

After claiming that his visit to Egypt inspired him, Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, one of the richest men in Brazil, announced that he planned to bury his $450,000 Bentley so that he could enjoy it in the afterlife.

“Count” Scarpa took a photo beside his Bentley Flying Spur and posted it on social media, saying, “I decided to do as the Pharaohs: this week I will bury my favourite car, the Bentley here in the home garden!”


bentley burial
Credit: Thane Chiquinho Scarpa


Though he faced tons of backlash from people claiming that he should donate the car to charity, that he was wasteful, and that he was out-of-touch with reality, Scarpa went ahead with the ceremony and even posted another photo of himself with his foot on a shovel and his Bentley behind him. He continued to post his burial plans throughout the week and shot down people asking if he was really burying his car to avoid paying the taxes on it.

Scarpa invited media outlets to the “funeral” for his Bentley, but once his car was moments from being lowered into the ground, he stopped the procession. He delivered a speech that revealed the real reason he was planning to bury his car:

“People have condemned me for trying to bury a million dollar Bentley. The fact is, most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car. People bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. This is absurd. There are so many people out there waiting for a transplant and you will bury healthy organs that can save so many lives. This is the biggest waste in the world. My Bentley is worthless in comparison to life giving organs. There is no wealth more valuable than an organ, because there is nothing more valuable than life.

I officially announce I am an organ donor this week. I’m an organ donor, are you? Tell your family.”

The billionaire wound up not burying his car and instead left the nation with a powerful message about organ donation. The monetary amount of the car he was about to lay to rest pales in comparison to the human lives that could be saved if every person was an organ donor.

People certainly have the right to body autonomy, but Scarpa asks why it is that some people want to keep their organs even after they’re dead and bury them with their body rather than donate them to a good cause.


Originally published on Trueactivist. Article Source.