The Remote Life – Let’s Voyage

The Remote Life – Let’s Voyage

Life is a long journey and learning is a vital aspect of an individual’s life. Experiences enhance learning. Travelling gives you experiences. Hence, the more you travel, the more you learn. Well, we all are leading a strenuous life in the metro cities where we have no time for leisure activities particularly when it comes to travel. So, how about travelling the world accompanied with the uninterrupted persuasion of your job? Sounds interesting!! Isn’t it?

The Remote Life is one such prominent program which aims at helping you travel the world, work remotely and connect to the awesome people. It aids for a multiple balanced troops of people belonging to different regions, backgrounds and experiences coming together. The founder of this startup is Nishchal Dua who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, frequent traveler and a trekking freak.

This program gives assistance in connecting a group of fascinating people from all over the world. It also keeps a check on the people by verifying their public social profiles. Moreover, they call these people personally before finalizing their presence. These people can be the professionals, the freelancers and the entrepreneurs who are passionate to travel and work simultaneously. This remarkable program takes care of all your the basic requirements; for instance, booking of your flights, stay during your holidays, desk space and everything else which needs to be catered. Therefore, one can experience the native culture, various cuisines, languages and most importantly, their work at the same time. Remember: The Remote Life does not provide you any vacation packages or tours for holidays. This program comprises of a group of amazing people who want to travel and work together.




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