Ranchi Railways builds an underpass in just 2.4 hrs, creates a record


Ranchi Railway Division (RRD) broke its own record by making an underpass in 2 hours and 40 minutes on the single line Karra-Govindpur route in Jharkhand.

The architects were given a due time of 4 hours to finish the work. Yet, with an aggregate exertion, the task was done far before the given deadline.

railway underpass
Photo: Bhaskar.com News

The development began at 8.50 am on Sunday and finished at 11.30 am that day, in last month. While the work was on, just Tapaswini Express was rescheduled by 60 minutes.

Earlier, Ranchi Railway Division had constructed an underpass between Lodhma and Karra in 3 hours and 15 minutes. This time it had constructed an underpass in Karra-Govindpur route, in just 2 hours and 40 minutes, which shows the interest in development of Ranchi and other regions of Jharkhand.

About 100 workers, three cranes, four JCB machines, three polken, and four tractors were used to construct this underpass. Indian railways had to pay about Rs 1.10 crore for its construction.

The developers said this underpass will advantage in regards to 10,000 individuals from close-by regions. The RRD arrangements to make 49  more such underpasses in the coming months and facilitate the travelers by which they can take a short route after construction of the underpass, instead going a long way.

The RRD is working at its best for the development and growth of the people in Jharkhand.