Quikconsult – The Easiest Way to Get Online Advice in India


Imagine it is the last day to file tax returns and you are stuck at the last step. Or you want to buy a new software product for your IT company but are not sure which one is the best. No one in your network seems to know the answer. Who would you consult? Won’t it be great to have a digital space where you can simply go, pay, and get advice you can trust? Quikconsult is building just that!

Quikconsult is an online advice platform that brings industry experts from over 18 industries on one platform to offer consultation on chat and email. Whether you need help with fashion, career, education, health, fitness, events, spirituality, technology, business, lifestyle, parenting or anything else, the powerful consultation website can facilitate it all.

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Built by a Chandigarh based startup, QuikConsult is quickly building its consultant database and bringing more features to simplify the process of seeking advice online. Fitted with powerful consultant search and confidential communication capabilities, the online advice website wants to change how people connect with top industry experts.

Quikconsult also brings a wonderful opportunity for independent and experienced consultants to build their personal brand online and generate additional income. Visit quikconsult.com to learn more about the Indian startup and how it is slowly revolutionizing the consultation industry through its chat and email advice platform.


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