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Priyanka Chopra’s new mobile sitcom is live now


Priyanka Chopra’s new mobile sitcom is live now

Mumbai, India | Red Newswire | Jan 28, 2016 Last Updated at 19:00 PM IST.

Priyanka Chopra's new mobile sitcom is live now

Priyanka Chopra, who has won many accolades for her quintessential acting in films and as the super cool FBI Trainee, Alex Parrish in the American TV Series Quantico, is all set to reprise her role as producer. Piggy Chops is ready to produce the latest Mobile Sitcom titled It’s My City, which claims to revolve around the love, life and other “la’s” of four young woman, who share an apartment in Mumbai.

PC is not only going to produce the series, but also going to take over the role of the four girls’ landlady and that of their friend (Quite a landlord huh?!). The story is said to comprise real-life situations and discussions and PC states that it is more like a spin-off of her younger days, where she tried to create a niche in the world. She also states that the audience would find the storyline “relatable”.

Also, PC is also excited about the fact that this is her first enterprise, in terms of digital entertainment. She says, “Digital is the new frontier of content and I’m diving right in! The thought behind It’s My City is progressive… to go where the young audience has moved and to connect with them in a style that they can identify with, and for me personally, to engage with them in a whole new way.”

The series will stream as 14 parts and is co-produced by Priyanka’s production house Purple Pebble Pictures, which was launched recently by the actress, in an attempt to encourage and promote new talent in Hindi and regional Indian cinema.

Catch the series on nextGTV from the 22nd of January, every Tuesday and Friday!

Source: By Ranganayaki R@Rednewswire