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Plonk, a mobile parking app helps its users to find right space


Plonk, a mobile parking app helps its users to find right space.

Bengaluru | By J Vignesh, ET Bureau | 13 Feb, 2016, 08:15 AM IST.

Bengaluru is your typical bustling city, and one of its biggest problems is finding a parking space when you desperately need one. Plonk, a real time parking app, has set out to solve just that.

Helmed by brothers Arjun Jairaj (CEO) and Balram Jairaj (COO) and John Seemon (CTO), this ten month old startup already has close to 1000 parking spots in Bengaluru, within two weeks of its launch.

The startup targets ‘unorthodox’ sources like individual houses, empty plots, churches and apartments apart from usual spaces like parking lots and malls. “We wanted to look at unorthodox sources. The ‘suppliers’ can allow parking and make a business out of it. This needs no expertise as such,” said Arjun Jairaj. While some of the ‘suppliers’ lend out their parking spaces for monetary gains, the others do it to decongest the roads.

“Plonk is a great concept. The money that we gain from it goes towards maintaining our space. But we are a part of it to help in decongesting the roads, the parking is lying free most of the times, so why not give it out to others?,” said Darshan Govindraj, director of Vaishnavi Group, who has let out 20 parking spots in his central Bengaluru office on Residency road.

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The owners, once verified, get complete freedom to decide the number of parking slots, timings and the rates. The owners can also have multiple plans.

For example, the number of slots can reduce from five on weekdays to two on weekends and the prices can be marginally increased as well.

The startup takes around a 10 per cent cut from the payment. “We usually recommend the price but the owners are free to choose their own price also.

This is just to incentivise them to put out their spaces. We take a maximum of 48 hours to verify. Our minimum requirement is that it should be a manned (security) parking,” said Arjun Jairaj.

The bootstrapped startup gives each building an entry and exit QR code, which the users have to scan to use the parking slot. The users can pay either through Paytm or cash. The app presently has close to 400 users on android and around 300 on iOS.

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